"You only live once.  If you do it right, once is enough."

I'm leaving the broadcast business.

I have lived and loved the journalism industry at a very interesting time.  I've covered hurricanes and homicides, happiness and hatred.  You invited me into your homes via your television and your computer.  Thank you.
I have some fantastic stories that never made it on air, and some even better stories of the people with whom I've worked.  I regret not telling all those stories.  

This business is a fickle one.  I have seen very good people fail in this profession, and I have seen people with minimal talent and work ethic rise to the top.  I am proud to say I never compromised my integrity for my career, but I have given up on a lot of things: sleep, privacy, and too often, my family.  

I have a new job lined up, one which puts me in rush hour traffic, cubicles, and meetings.  It will not be an easy adjustment.  But this new job also allows me to eat dinner with my husband, spend holidays with my family, and read the newspaper because I want to - not because I was scooped.  

In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm giving up on my dream.  But sometimes your dream evolves, just like your life.  I've pursued my passion for storytelling for 10 years.  And in a way, I'll continue to do so.  

But it's time I pursued another passion.  I encourage you to do the same -- whatever you do in life, follow your passion.  You only live once -- make sure once is all you need. 


    Rebecca Gannon

    Time, prudence, or something may prevent some things from becoming broadcast.  I like to thank the Journalism Gods for that.  Here are (some of) my thoughts and observances that never made air.


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